UP Board 2019 Exam 2020 will use Colored Answer Sheets

UP board exam will start making use of the sheets which is colored for the public examination from the year of 2020. The UP government took this decision to break the growing trend of copying mafia problem in the state. This move will not allow any candidate to exchange sheets with one another as each candidate will be getting each color which makes it difficult for the students with a copying mentality. The answer sheets will be started to execute from the upcoming board examination in the year of 2020.

There are several types of copying method, but copying through exchanging answer sheets is the main thing were students can fetch almost most of the marks in the question paper. When that method is blocked, automatically other records are blocked and it will reduce the copying level among the candidates. these forged answer sheets will be caught if it is exchanged once the color sheets is introduced. We appreciate this move from the up government and we believe that soon it will be followed by all the other governments in India. This idea has been well welcomed among the other officials of the government. We wish all the students a all the very best.