University of Kota’s solar power plant inaugurated by IIT Delhi Director V Ramgopal Rao

IIT Delhi Director V Ramgopal Rao recently inaugurated a 100-kilowatt capacity solar power plant at the University of Kota (UoK). The solar power plant which is located on the roof of the academic block of the university has been set up at a cost of around Rs 79.49 lakhs including Rs 24 lakhs from government grants The IIT Delhi Director stressed on the need of making maximum utilization of solar power in the country.

The Vice Chancellor of UoK, Professor PK Dashora said that the construction of the solar power plant had commenced in December 2015 and was completed this year. He added, “With sunshine available most days in Kota solar power generation is congenial in Kota so UoK has established a solar power plant. Solar power is not only eco-friendly but also an economical power generation option. The installation cost of the solar power plant will be recovered in 5 years after which, UoK will get free solar electricity for the next 25 years. The power plant will produce around 400-to-500 units of electricity every day.”

With solar power generations gradually becoming popular in the country, educational institutions are not behind in using solar power to set a precedent and also make optimum use of the cost effective power generation medium. Rajasthan is already a major solar power generation hub in the country where government buildings and universities have begun establishing solar power plants. University of Kota is among the few universities in the state to establish a solar power plant of their own for electricity.

IIT Delhi Director Rao also commented about increasing seats in IITs. He said, “There is a growing demand for increasing seats at the IITs in the country following which, the decision has been taken to increase seats in IITs. He stated that total seats in all the 23 IITs of the country is around 70,000 which would be increased to around 1 lakh in coming three years.