United we stand

The end of CAT 2013 is in many ways similar to the end of the world hy(steria)pothesis . All the hype leading up to it is slowly beginning to fade away, but for some of us the real test begins now.Around 85% of PG has attempted 85% of the questions with 85% accuracy leading me to believe 85% of these people will make it to top b-schools,disclaimer-85% of these statistics have been made up on the spot and have an 85% chance of being correct(as verified by a leading on the spot statistics agency).

So,where does that leave us,the plebeians? well,it’s back to drawing board for most of us. It’s time to forget CAT 2013 and with a smile on our faces and courage in our hearts(read alcohol) we move on to other exams( disappointments) and hope for the best(bleh,shoot me!). So,plebeians unite! Pick yourself up,dust yourself off and go forth and prosper.

Disclaimer :The author of this article intended it to be funny,if the above material was found to be offensive please report it at takeahike.com under the section why so serious.

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