Unfriendly Trump reason for Indian students to study in India, say academicians

An inaugural ball was held on 20th January at the US Consulate in Mumbai to celebrate the start of a 4-year term of the 45th President of the United States of America. The event had the who’s who of Mumbai’s glitterati circuit in attendance. Among them were a few academicians who unlike the B-town celebs had something to say about President Trump.

Founding Dean of Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ISME) and former Sheriff of Mumbai, Indu Shahani was of the opinion that Trump’s election as the President would have no effect on Indian students going to pursue higher education in the US. “It is a big change in US politics and governance, but I don’t think Trump becoming President would affect Indian students going abroad, because the US still needs us. We provide them with intellectual capital,” she said.

The event saw the likes of Vice Principal of RD National College, Neha Jagtiani, Head of Singapore International School (Mumbai), Sharonee Mullick and Vice Principal of Hassaram Rijhumal College, Deepika Bhatia.

They were of the view that Indian students should now study in India. The academia unanimously agreed, “We have world class institutes in India and many American professors are teaching in these institutes. Students who are good at studies and hard-working can easily get admission in top B-schools and colleges in India.”

For years India has seen a brain drain of sorts with students educated to graduate level in the country and then moving to the US for further studies and job. However, going by Trump’s inaugural speech that hinted towards a very radical foreign policy keeping America at the centre and bringing jobs back to the country, looks like Indian students will be left with no choice but to come back to India. Whether that will actually happen, only time will tell, but the academia present at the inaugural ceremony were sure rooting for it.