UNESCO Celebrate World Teachers Day 2019
UNESCO Celebrate World Teachers Day 2019

As we know that “Teacher is the mould that shapes every kid.”

With a proper aim to improve teachers’ situation in the world this 2019, it was decided in the meeting between UNESCO and the International Labour Organization in the year 1966.

A day which is precious not only for teacher but also for their students on this day, so in the year 1966 ILO and UNESCO in their support had said to make proper guidelines regarding the status of teachers’ rights, responsibilities, their initial preparation, further education, recruitment, employment, and teaching — keeping the first footsteps for those who want to be a teacher and make the world the better place.

Most schools celebrate this day by changing the role of students to teachers to understand the honour and responsibility the post carries and also with the sole objective is to suggest the government to make teaching a profession of the first choice for young people.

On this occasion, UNESCO has invited school principals, teacher unions, parent-teacher associations, education officials, school management and trainers to share their wisdom.

They made sure that the celebration of the respected profession of teaching shall send a message of understanding the values, challenges, roles, and duties of a teacher in our daily life. And also showcase the public’s negative perception of teachers is such that education staff regularly faced the threat of violence.

UNESCO has been working a long way for the teachers of the world like in 1966 this day just started by UNESCO as a signature campaign which beamed at raising the status of teachers which resulted in fruitful results for the students for a better world today celebrating honouring the moulders of the world.

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