He was more like a bare truth. The one which keeps wriggling before your eyes woefully. But you choose to be blind or scared enough to witness the pieces of your heart getting spurned away. That bright light in his liquid eyes used to aver the existence of a different world. Every step he took orchestrated the livid dereliction i always knew. The perks of the latter and the enticement of the former captivated me abjectly; pulled me closer and more closer. Whither he went, i followed.

I didn’t have a clue that a fresh bunch of flowers could accord me to end up with a squalor of foreverness. I am to blame. He just caught hold of that white string in my heart. And i couldn’t help the enchantment taking over me. Those arms have witnessed my surrender. Those lips have tasted the very moment i felt like giving up to the flow.

The knot in the string when open, strikes back hard. For nothing ever loses its tenacity if not tied loose on purpose. I still shudder at random moments playing the same movie on repeat in some corner of my heart. I could always choose to stay and delve into the leitmotif or walk away into the horizons. But i have been walking away all the time.

And I’ve come undone.

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