Understanding Energy Types and various Force Fields Energy

We are studying from childhood which indicates the capacity of doing work by an agent or any body and work is the transfer of energy from one body/agent to another. Both energy and work are measured in units of joule as SI unit and erg as CGS unit. As we’ve discussed and understood work, we’ll now talk about energy and its types.

There are many physical situations in almost every domain of physics where energy transfer and energy transformations are used and in all such situations in one or many ways work is involved.

Problems based on such situations are handled by concept of Work-Energy theorem.

To understand basics of Energy and its types follow the video – https://youtu.be/JUb6_f9XnnY

Conservative and Non-Conservative Fields : When work is done by a force, it is equal to the transfer of energy from one body/agent to another. Now based on type of force field doing the work, energy is either used by the body on which work is done or it may be dissipated to a non-recoverable form. Understanding force field is one of the most important section we need to go through before proceeding to work energy theorem.

Pl see the video below for fundamental understanding of force fields https://youtu.be/S2_JB_qwgls

Potential Energy Stored in a Spring : Springs are used in various problems related to physical situations involving Work and Energy. When a spring is compressed or elongated it stores energy in form of potential energy which can be retrieved for doing work again.

We can discuss the same through this video – https://youtu.be/ZTw9zf8s2rE