Tug of war – All around

Let’s see the tug of wars going on around us.

Ukraine : EU vs Russia

Ukraine was a part of Soviet Union before it split up in 1991. Today, geographically it belongs to Europe continent. The country imports most energy supplies, especially oil and natural gas and to a large extent depends on Russia as its energy supplier. Growing sectors of the Ukrainian economy include the information technology (IT) market, which topped all other Central and Eastern European countries in 2007, growing some 40 percent. Ukraine ranks fourth in the world in number of certified IT professionals after the United States, India and Russia.

Protests originally erupted in November 2013 followed Russian economic pressures on Ukraine and propaganda campaign against the EU-Ukraine deal, which lead to President Viktor Yanukovych chosing not to sign a political association and free trade agreement with the EU, choosing closer ties with Russia instead. Yanukovych is widely disliked in Ukraine’s west, but remains very popular in his native Russian-speaking east, as well as the south. The rallies were initially peaceful but eventually became violent in January 2014 after parliament, dominated by Yanukovych’s supporters, passed laws intended to repress the protest.

Russia vs EU-US Ally :

Russia, hoping to build an alliance of ex-Soviet states, has made extensive efforts to derail Ukraine’s pact with the European Union with a mixture of trade sanctions and promises. The European Union and the United States urged Yanukovych to negotiate a peaceful end to the conflict and said they would introduce sanctions against those responsible for the violence.

However, the intervention of EU, The US and Russia made the economy and security in Ukraine dip further.

Hyderabad : Telangana vs Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad, geographically belongs to Telangana region which was once a part of Nizam’s rule. (Hyderabad state – till 1948). After reunification on linguistic basis, it has become a part of Andhra Pradesh. Today, more than 50% of revenue towards AP state comes from Hyderabad. This IT and Pharma giant city, provides employment to more than 3 lakh people. Its US$74 billion GDP makes it the fifth-largest contributor city to India’s overall GDP in 2011–12.

The people in Telangana started agitation against the government, claiming that development in the region has been neglected for years (or decades). This became popular after, then Home Minister Chidambaram announced the state formation on Dec 2009. After chaos in AP for nearly 5 years, UPA has declared Telangana as 29th State. Protests were made all over AP (for Hyderabad)

Is it really necessary ?

Telangana, which doesn’t have fertile lands is dependent on Coastal Andhra region. And Coastal Andhra, is dependent of Telangana for employment opportunities. The decision taken by UPA to bifurcate might benefit both the states in a longer run (may be after 10 years), provided, these regions are rules by non-corrupt leaders. The 11th hour decision taken by UPA, by totally omitting the report given by Justice Sri Krishna committee, is clearly an election gambit, to reserve vote bank in Telangana.

The decision of bifurcation might be a dangerous one, as it gives a sense of anticipation many other states to replicate the same turmoil.

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