Trump wins US exit polls; Are Americans planning to flee the country?

With a historic US election coming to an end, and exit polls indicating Trump as the clear winner, Americans have started a poll on twitter asking fellow Americans as to which country would they consider moving to. Distraught with the election results, US citizens have set twitter ablaze with memes about how the country is doomed to fail with Donald Trump as President. 

The twitter poll as seen below, has 31%  voters wanted to escape to either Canada or Asia in the aftermath of the #USElections2016. Incidentally, another tweet has pointed out that the Canadian immigration website has been crashing since last night, which is being (humorously) attributed to Americans trying to escape across the border. See image below. What may seem as a joke is actually true, as PaGaLGuY also checked the CIC website only to realise that the site was indeed unable to load some time back.