train ride

u wake up and all u have is an hour to get ready and leave for work or else you might just miss the ladies local..so with wet hair, toast in my mouth,lunch box in one hand, my XLL hang bag around my shoulder and phone in one hand..i run..Once inside the coach i listen to various ladies discussing their life and as a counselor i tend to make my own judgement (very bad habit i know). At times i feel like sharing my views bt then i stop as i know its a private matter so what if discussed in public. Bt most of the time i learn a lot about basic cooking to how one is still married to her abusive hubby as she fears the society to another one who stood against her exploiting boss…Many a times i put in my head phones and get lost in my own world till my destination arrives but its good to be a part of this real world of such women who come from all walks of life and be friends with strangers just for that 35 to 40 mins train ride and listen to them and just admire how much they work from morning 5am (thats when the water comes in their house) till 11.30 (thats when their husbands have had dinner and gone to bed)…I consider myself a bit more privileged than them as i dont have to worry about quite a few things that they do and at times i get fed up listening to such conversations but this is for that nameless lady i pass by everyday..i RESPECT and appreciate u for what u do..god bless u always…

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