Top rankers of JEE: The face of coaching classes

More than anything else it’s the toppers of JEE who have been claiming fame in the city of Kota, Rajasthan. The welcoming view to the main city, where the coaching centres are based, is of billboards of various coaching classes flashing their toppers’ pictures.

Leading the pack is the
hoarding flashing the JEE (Advanced) 2015 topper and Bansal Classes prodigy Satvat
Jagvani’s face at the Aerodrome Circle in the city. The road ahead of the circle is
also the lined up with similar hoardings of various classes displaying their

The whole city is adorned with these
hoardings, especially in the areas leading to main coaching sectors in the city.
Roads leading to coaching zones of Industrial area, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Indira
Vihar, Talwandi and Vigyan Nagar are majorly the destinations where toppers’ banners are
proudly flashed.

Although such billboards and posters are a
marketing strategy of the coaching institutes, they certainly project these top rankers’ fame too. Not only Satvat, but also other top
rankers of JEE (Advanced) 2015 like AIR 41 Arshadeep Singh and AIR 65 Devansh Shah are present on the posters and hoardings of Motion Institute. Every
popular institute has its own hoarding carrying their Toppers.

Nitin Vijay of Motion Institute told that the top rankers are
the cream of the institute so in order to inspire other aspirants, these
success stories are highlighted.

Aakash Coaching Institute also has
displayed its AIIMS top rankers through billboards in Kota, even
though they are from their Delhi Centre.

Pramod Kumar Bansal, Chief Executive
Officer, Bansal Classes, admits that Satvat is popular among students for being the
topper of JEE (Advanced) 2015. “He is certainly a star for the institute, especially
because he has been the best performer in JEE (Advanced),” said Bansal.

The coaching institutes not only are projecting current toppers
of JEE and medical entrance examinations but even the toppers of the previous
years (2014) as well. Last year’s topper of JEE (Advanced) 2014, Chitrang Murdia
is still the ‘Poster boy’ of Allen Career Institute. His posters are still occupying
the wall of the institute in Indira Vihar, Kota.

When asked about such billboards showing top rankers, a coaching
aspirant, Vibhuti Jain, agreed that it is motivating for many aspirants like her,
simply because these toppers are well known among the student circles.