Top 5 things to know about PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English Academic, popularly known as PTE Academic has now become the first stepping stone for professionals going abroad for their higher studies or jobs. A completely computer-based test of PTE Academic allows individuals to appear from various corners of the world. If you are aspiring to appear for the test, then here are top five facts you need to know about PTE.

1. Origin and Test Pattern:

Introduced in 2009, PTE Academic is a three hour long, online assessment of English language proficiency. Communicative skills of an individual including reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are evaluated here through questions generated from authentically-sourced material. There is a specific time distribution pattern represented in below diagram. The test also provides genuine feedback to enhance skills in terms of oral fluency, vocabulary, written efficiency, pronunciation, spelling and grammar.

(time distribution in minutes)


2. Acceptance and Recognition:

This test is globally recognized and accepted by universities, governments, professional bodies and employers. It is considered as a valid and reliable assessment of academic English proficiency. Also, one of the more unbiased proof of the English skills of a candidate. This exam is widely accepted across universities, colleges and governments around the world.  While top universities like Harvard Business School, Yale, INSEAD and others use it to determine the fluency of a candidate with the English language, the PTE test is also accepted for visa purposes by the Australian and New Zealand governments.

3. Mode of Assessment:

The assessment is done by an AI driven automated scoring technology. Those who appeared for the test are judged on the basis of a score band varying from 10 to 90. The field testing of PTE Academic was done by assessing responses from more than ten thousand individuals from 120 varied lingual background. For the speaking segment, nearly 40,000 candidates were evaluated based on their interviews conducted with the experts. To measure the accuracy of the language, a measurement known as the ‘Standard Error of Measurement’ or SEM is followed.

4. Dates and test centres:

There are nearly 200 test centres all-round the globe. Cumulatively, total number of testing dates in one calendar year is 363. The aspirants can select the date and venue of the tests from a wide range of preference. The last date to book the seat of examination closes only a couple of days before the test. But there is a set of strict guidelines formulated by Pearson that is to be followed. As per the guidelines, only digital registration is made available and there will be test administrators to assist the individuals appearing for the test.

5. Results:

The results get declared within a very short period. It gets published on their website within a span of five working days. This is an added benefit for the students for whom English proficiency is an immediate requirement. The results are considered highly authentic due to the high-security standards practices followed. The security measures include palm vein scanning and data forensics.

With the implementation of further modern technologies, Pearson is aiming at improving the quality of the assessment. Their continuous research and effort in improving their existing process makes them the best English evaluation platform around the globe.

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