TOEFL Go vans travelling across India to enlighten exam takers

For the first time ever in India, the TOEFL test, is driving across cities throughout the country informing potential candidates about the exam. TOEFL Go, a campaign started on August 1, 2016 aims to create awareness and knowledge about the English language test, amongst Indians looking to emigrate soon. 2 vans with TOEFL experts and free information resources are touring across north and south India cities right now.

A similar campaign was launched last year in Gujarat which received admirable success. In view of this achievement, TOEFL has now expanded the campaign across the nation. The tagline of the campaign says, ‘2 vans, 10 weeks, 100 locations’. The organisation has gone as far as creating a separate facebook page for the event with a constantly updated schedule about the location of the TOEFL vans. Currently in New Delhi and Hyderabad, the vans are planned to visit Bengaluru, Chennai and other such cities.

This initiative by TOEFL is expected to spread accurate knowledge about the exam, as candidates are otherwise majorly dependent on counselling centres for information. The only other source is to browse information online which is a one sided communication medium. Through TOEFL vans, candidates can clarify their doubts directly with experts from the TOEFL organisation, thus adding reliability to the answers. You can check the TOEFL vans schedule here .