To The Aspirants of Hapiness

Well, As you are reading this page I can guess you are in a little bit of confusions in your life, mostly career related I guess. well as I am writing it You can guess that I am facing some problems too.Yes I do, I have done engineering but Want to become a photographer and do business in that field. well this article is not for the 100%tilers in CAT or the IAS toppers of past. It is for the future toppers in whatever field they want to make a life. well basically it is for the average students who are struggling in their lives to pursue their dream career.

To say that I must tell you what I want to mean by “dream career” or simply “career”. What do you understand by “career”? Is it money? is it just a job? is it just your ego to show your friends? or a life? i guess all of you who are serious about their lives will think of a life. Then why don’t you give some importance to what i want to say. first of all Keep calm and think straight. Now the real problem is which career path do you want to step in. Do you often realize that you are totally comfortable with more than a field or sometimes many fields? Do i make a career in my hobby or do i make a career in whatever subject i Have done my graduation in…this confusion is arising in many engg friends of my age because I consider engineering has become a by default graduation stream after science in Higher secondary in India. Well you have not done any mistake by doing graduation in that field that you don’t like if it is. you still have plenty of time in your life to relocate yourself to the field you want to live for the rest of your life. But to do that you need some courage to face yourself in the mirror.There is nothing in the world that you can’t do but yes if you want to be the steve jobs or bill gates then you can’t be that in a day.That’s where many of my fellow friends do the mistake. They dream of jumping to the sky but they forget to walk the very first step on the grass.

Well coming to the point my friends. You may want to top the CAT, you may want to top IAS, you may want to go abroad. But i request you to please look inside yourselves and then decide, please don’t look at somebody else who have done great in the field. If it is to be then why don’t we all become Einstein? We all have some specific values and duties to perform in this very Earth. Some will serve as a doctor, Some will serve as a lawyer, Some will lead the nation becoming a good politician. Some will become splendid photographers and some will become Engineers. But only those who have gone after their likes have 99% chance to be very successful in their life.The real thing in your life is Happiness.what you really want to become is what you have to find it yourself by consulting with people,by reading books, by doing online search, and most importantly if you have found it then never ever give up. its all yours. you will. So first analyse what you like, then confront your past then confront yourself in the mirror and then bangg on. you may need time but one day you will become. Take a smaller step first, Then take A leap of Faith. By the way Its always better to fail after trying than to fail without trying. The day you will become what you want, You will Salute yourself. I guarantee you that.

You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t play

So play it

Hope for your success

your well-wisher