Written Ability Test

WAT is a test which aims to assess the ability of a student
to present his thoughts in a systematic, organized manner. The WAT is also used
to determine if the candidate is able to present his viewpoint with sound
justification. It takes into account the logical approach the student takes to
do so.

The topics for the essay would usually be such that it would either test the
candidate’s general knowledge or general awareness. Staying updated with the
news would hence do the candidate no harm as it would help in both WAT and PI.
There is the added constraint of space and therefore the candidate needs to
plan carefully before starting his essay. This helps in determining if the
student sees through his thoughts and plans it carefully before beginning. It
needs to be planned in such a way that one is able to set a background to the
subject to start with and build on it to present the viewpoint one takes along
with the logical justification.

Command over the language and ensuring the sentences are grammatically correct
would naturally make way for a good score on the WAT, however a logical flow of
thoughts with simple but precise statements would also do for a good score.

So before beginning to write a candidate should ideally take a minute to think,
organize his views and ensure it has a logical flow and structure to it before
being penned down. Examples to substantiate your point, referring to events
will make it a more complete response.

Personal Interview

The final stage of any selection process is often the
personal interview. B schools provide training and education one would need to
become a global leader. However, the Personal Interview is a step used to asses
if the candidate has the potential to become one.

A good manager needs to be able to understand the business world. An understanding
of the business world -although not essential- would naturally be a handy
point. A good preparation on the courses that the candidate has undergone at
the UG stages would come in handy as it reflects ones diligence towards
academics. Candidates with work experience are often expected to have a deep
understanding of not just their role in the organization they worked for, but
also an understanding of how their overall organization functioned and the
impact they had on their organization.

Participation in extra-curricular activities is important.
Managers are supposed to manage multitude of tasks and participation in
activities other than academics gives a strong indication to one’s capability
to perform such tasks.

Communication skills are important, as it is a critical part of the
employability of a candidate. B-Schools don’t spend time on building
communication skills therefore one has to be ready with effective communication
skills. A good manager is often expected to be able to effectively communicate
in order to be effective on the job.

Prof. Abhishek Nirjar

Dean Executive Education and International Relations

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