As a manager in an international environment, you don’t only manage people. You manage complex products, services, and systems, ensuring that you and your teams contribute successfully to your organisation’s objectives.

You have an incredibly multi-faceted and diverse role, and you often operate in a fast-paced, exciting and challenging environment. You need to think on your feet, manage stakeholder expectations, and nurture your team, all while being an empathetic leader and innovative strategist.

There’s a lot asked of you in this position – and if you’re currently pursuing a career as an international business manager, you no doubt ask a lot of yourself.

So, which skills should you develop if you want to thrive as an international manager in today’s rapidly evolving business environment? How can you ensure your own success, as well as that of your organisation?

Nurture a global business outlook for growth

In the 21st Century, businesses are more globally integrated than ever before. International business expertise is highly sought after, and those who can understand the dynamic conditions and opportunities within a global market will always be highly employable.

Nurturing a global outlook is all about understanding, sympathising with, and adapting to international market needs. This is especially important if you wish to target new markets and ensure your product or service makes a splash on a regional or global scale; and potential customers need to be communicated with in their own language, according to their own cultural code. You need to adhere to their expectations of diversity and accessibility.

As part of your business strategy, you should build a network in your target market, so that you can better connect with your potential customers and have on hand advocates you can partner with for mutually-beneficial success.

Become a strategic decision-maker

To be truly effective, an international business manager needs to be a passionate strategist and willing to be agile and adapt to market changes in accordance with global societal and economic developments.

Did your launch campaign not get the initial results you predicted it would? Are your customers not using a particular part of your product or service? Do you know why? By mastering the building blocks of international management, you learn to identify, respond, and find solutions to these potential challenges.

Develop your understanding of diverse business specialisms and trends

As you climb the management career ladder, acquiring a specialised knowledge of economic and business theory will help you immensely in making better strategic decisions and therefore advancing your professional development.

By immersing yourself in building knowledge about how specialisms such as international marketing, finance, supply chain, and people management fit together to create organisational success, you will stand out to employers and be able to identify new growth opportunities.

Entrepreneurship also plays a growing role in the global business environment. For example, start-ups in Dubai alone raised more than $2 billion in funding collectively in 2022, according to a report by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy. This presents exciting opportunities for you to shape your future career in industries and businesses of all sizes.

Be a leader, mentor and advocate

Throughout your career, you will need to build relationships with people from cross-cultural teams who do all types of work, including but not limited to marketing and finance. They may be working on a project with you, or could even be a direct report that you can mentor.

As a successful manager, you need to understand what your team members can offer and then advocate for their expertise and growth. Managing effective and creative teams is also an important part of building a global brand.

By nurturing employee talent, you will be able to deliver successful and impactful projects, empower your team members to seek knowledge and experience, and nurture connections that may create new opportunities for your own personal and professional growth in the future.

Consider continuing your education to advance your career

International business specialists will always be sought after – and organisations need managers with skills in this field if they are to achieve their international aspirations for growth.

By choosing a Master’s degree in International Business Management, you can enhance your understanding of global business strategy; become a strategic decision-maker; build your international network across industries; and showcase to employers that you have the skills and expertise to contribute a business’s growing success.

Holders of a Postgraduate degrees are also more like to earn a higher salary. It could also help you get closer to fulfilling your long-term professional ambitions.

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