Three IIM Indore Undergrads Expelled for Drug Abuse

Yet another case of drugs abuse has hit the Indian Institute of Management Indore. This time 3 students of the Integrated Programme in Management were caught smoking up on the campus. The incident happened a week ago and a disciplinary committee was set up to probe it.

Committee members apparently had long discussions with the students before arriving at a decision to expel all of them. According to Dr Akhtar Parvez, Dean, Administration the parents of the students were informed and they were given the choice of withdrawing from the five-year programme.

The boys are 17 years old and come from academically-eminent families. Two of the boys are from South India. The parents were apparently in a state of shock on hearing about the incident while the students generally seemed ‘unmoved.’ Parents of all the students had come to the campus to collect their wards.

Drugs abuse is not unheard of in b-schools in India. However, while many institutes prefer to let it be as a ‘natural thing’ on campus, IIM Indore has always been taking action to the point of expelling students. Adds Dr Parvez: “We have a zero-tolerant attitude when it comes to alcohol, smoking or drugs. We do not like to give students a second chance if the committee set up to study the case suggests that we expel the students. It is a message we want to send across.”

The students procured the drugs from dhabas sprung up close to the institute. According to sources, while these dhabas also sell parathas and sabjee, they eventually sell drugs to those who visit them often and have the cash to cough up.

Last year too, five students were caught taking drugs in two different cases at IIM Indore . In February 2012, two students were expelled for taking drugs and later in October, three students were expelled for the same reason. Some of the students were given a chance to get return after a year of which one student joined back IIM Indore.

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