As my world becomes aware,

of this impending stagnation..

As my senses begin to care,

for a strifle of salvation..

Colors fade fast.. in a hess…

As my mind becomes thoughtless..

As a sense of urgency besiege us,

where are the people who care?

As silence is doing what she does..

strangling all thoughts of flare..

She destroys everything regardless,

As my mind becomes thoughtless..

As this thick white fog spreads..

clarity is blurred in tears of loss,

As life is stretched to the threads,

coin of fate, freezes in toss…

dreams are becoming so restless..

As my mind becomes thoughtless..

As vacant spaces, fill up my memory,

pool of thoughts are drying up fast.

As I patiently wait for end of the story,

Till when this endless chapter will last..

O God! I have nothing more to confess…

As my mind becomes thoughtless..

PS- Stagnation is the most painful aspect of life as it reminds us the need of keep on moving. We cannot afford to stop for no one and no one can afford to stop for us. Running fast may kill you of an heart attack but standing still would definitely kill you of boredome.. decide which one is more painful….

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