This election, lets vote for change

Indian politics has reached in a state of conundrum. On one hand we have the Indian National Congress, which apparently is the most corrupt party in India, looking at the number of scams accomplished* under its regime. On the other hand we have the Bhartiya Janta Party, well known for its Hindutva image. And than we have Aam Aadmi Party emerged out of an anti-corruption movement which initially looked really great but day by day its incapability started to conjure. Anna Hazare and Kiren Bedi, movement’s very founder have stated that AAP’s ideology is way distracted than the original movement’s. Before we decide who to vote for, lets muse what are the factors to keep in mind this election. We have been unsophisticated for ages, voting on the basis of cast ya ‘koi apni taraf ka,’ why not try something different this time? What about being sophisticated? This time lets vote for change. Lets vote for…

1) Development

Enough with just ‘roti, kapda, makan’!!

What India needs to become a powerful nation is economic development. 67 years of independence and Indian economy is still not stable. With the economic development, we need excellent infrastructure. We need quality education and good medical facilities. We need 24×7 electricity and water facilities. To accomplish this we need a committed government. One with a vision and willing to put in everything it takes to achieve it.

2) Eradication of corruption

India has the power to rule the world. No, not after 25 years but in very near future. Yes, there’s a catch. Corruption should be brought down to zero. If this happens, you can see India as a super power in next 5 years.

3) Eradication of unemployment

This is very major factor that has exasperated Indian youth today. Thousands of educated youth today are rambling across the streets. Unemployment is the root cause of poverty and at times, crime. So, we need a party that is determined to create new jobs.

4) Women safety

Safety of women is another major factor one should keep in mind. lets vote for someone who will assure the safety of women.


My vote is for Modi because,

a) His track record in Gujarat. He is a man with clear vision, clear ideas and clear ideology. He is capable.

b) Fed up with congress.

c) AAP is still an infant. Let it grow. This time lets see what BJP has to offer. If they seem to do same as congress, we would be left with nothing but one option, AAP. But that’s for the next election. Par abki baar modi sarkar.

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