Think! & Think! Think! again…..and now choose!

MBA, MbA, MBa or mba……. have you ever thought about the words without MBA or rather the world ‘BEYOND’ MBA ??…….

“a Single” Exam can’t decide who you want to be in your beautiful life!, and your dreams and passion weigh more than the so called “MBA” tag!!

…He worked hard, even worked like a machine to get 99.XX percentile. She bunked her college classes to attend MBA coaching. Vikki sat for CAT to try his luck. Shivani wanted to prove her friends her worth ,so tried for MBA. Varun wants to do MBA as he doesn’t want to continue his job. Nikhil failed to get into M.Tech, so took CAT. Akansha wants to get rich,so kept MBA as an option. Mr.Reddy sat for CAT to raise his status,as his cousins are from IIMs…and so on…..

Alas! they were selected!!!…….. “If they were selected then what’s the point of –> “ALAS!!”

Here comes the reality:

“He” wanted to be a social entrepreneur but failed once in his life and later took the path of “Blind religion” , you know what i mean–> “the Blind Religion”…… yaa it’s the craze about being into B-schools. “she” wanted to be a Top Researcher in Finance, and luckily cracked IIM A but with a degree in Marketing, and even got a job in top MNC too , but alas!! she has quit her job within 2 years because of the diversion in her career goal.

“Vikki” tried his luck and got 99.35 %ile…. and got through FMS. but Alas!! …he wanted to be a pilot,and just to check his luck he took “the” dire step–> “joined FMS” and now he flies paper-planes in his company “Shivani” , just to prove her worth in front of her friends , begun seeing MBA as her dream, which later on turned out to be a nightmare when she realized that her forte was in being a Doctor. ….and the same thing continued with Nikhil, Akasnsha, Reddy, May be “you”, may be “your Friend”……

Never follow what the majority follows, you have your own dreams ,your own goals, your own desires to be “something”in your life…then why do you let a SINGLE piece of paper decide your fate , your whole career, your dreams that you have in your eyes since a long time….. MBA “hype” is that fever that you enjoy when you are in it, but repent when you come out of it. Make a clear picture of what “you” want to be, not what your “SO called–> Feelings” want to be. Whenever you get stuck in a situation like this, do remember–> just ask yourself..”will you be able to handle this “thing” for next 40 years of your life” ……….And surely you will get the “Answer”…………..

All the best , Keep Smiling ?