Thing called ‘Life’

With all the enlightening dictums that impact our minds full of crime,

The zeal we have is to leave our footprints on the sands of time

The stereotypical notions of the malicious society have pestered us throughout our lives,

So why do we need a mask to make everyone happy;be it our boss,our uncle or our wives

Let us for once indulge in the pristine beauty of our individuality,

Let us for once answer our desires and inhibitions and not our rationality

The vast landscape of our imagination will tickle us to our ribs,

The polaroid of our life will tell us a riveting story we won’t crib

Living for inner salvation for a change will be as captivating as Hawaii beach,

Our adrenaline driven souls will suffice us to learn;nobody required to preach

Once we realize the treasure of the ‘Thing called life’ and unravel its mystery,

All the pain,the sorrow and the bitterness of yesterday will be a history.