These times are hard but they will pass

Have you ever dealt with extreme frustration? Felt like you want to run away from this world and never return? Ever happened to be so alone that you cried and there’s no one to wipe your tears? Felt like the almighty has done injustice to you? Failed again and again, built hope and got up every time only to fail again? Lost the only thing you’ve loved, only person you’ve loved? You realize it doesn’t really matter to any one if you are alive or not. You are so hurt that you feel like killing yourself. Its so hard to live. But it all will be okeh, just breath. These times are be hard but they will pass. Ignore the people who have hurt you, the kin that you are doing well even after you being hurt by them will burn their soul. Just keep breathing, you will surpass them. You wont just survive, you’ll thrive.