These are the best days of my life

Every engineer feels nostalgic when he thinks about his life at college and I am no exception. Back in 2012, when I joined Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT-Bhopal), I was a naïve student. My first year at MANIT had many memorable experiences like being ragged by seniors (only fun nothing serious) and making some really good friends who are like a backbone to me still today. They support me both in times of happiness and sadness.

I still remember the day; when I entered my second year when I felt the pride that I too was a senior. In these four years, apart from studies I met people from all over India which helped me learn about their diverse cultures and also a little bit of their language.

The best part of college is the freedom it provides you. I feel that never in my life again I will be as ‘unbound’ as I was in my college. My life as hosteller for these four years is something that I will miss after leaving college. From my personal experience, I can say that a hosteller always has an extra bit of freedom which a day scholar cannot exercise. However, everything isn’t easy at hostels; one should try to adjust to the food and facilities provided at hostels. Especially, when it is a hostel run by a government college, you need to be adjusting more because of the lack of facilities. Moreover, I can confidently say that those who could survive at MANIT can survive anywhere.

When I look back at my college life, I had many cheerful experiences and also had some sad ones. But, all those experiences were very helpful in shaping the person whom I am really today. From my mistakes, I learnt to accept the consequences and be careful not to repeat them again. Most importantly in these four years, I have learnt to adapt myself to the situation.

I have nearly 60 days of my college left and as each day passes on I feel nostalgic knowing the fact that my college life is coming to an end. In these last few days of my engineering, I would like to spend my happy and precious moments with my friends and enjoy each and every single day. For a student, college life comes only ones in his life and I feel that one should enjoy this period of life as much as possible.

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