There is this girl…

Saturday nights are often the lengthiest, maybe it’s the anxiety of Sunday movie date or just that you slept the whole day and now sleep is nowhere to be found

If that’s so then its review your week time guys. Hope you bring pop corns. You see, there is this girl…of course there is …Cute and sweet. Not the like the heroines of transformers franchise. The ones who welds, rides super bikes and fights aliens.

There is this place where I usually get my daily dose of addictive caffeine aka coffee. If you are guessing Starbucks, that’s not it. Here you will get coffee for ten and endless view studious bunnies rushing for lectures.

So this girl, she use to pass by me every day, if I am there sipping my coffee, looking my way and then away. You know the whole “you are an eye candy” approach. Someday I miss her because my timing sucks and if I am lucky, she will show up from out of the blue

The thing is we both know she definitely looks my way but does that mean I can ask her out? Maybe I am just easy on eyes and maybe she is committed. If I ask her, does she appreciate it? What will she think about me,” a creep who asks out every one who looks at him”?

But wait a minute. How the hell do I ask her out? It is not the question of the right pick up phrase nor it’s about what to wear on the D day to effectively hide my lack of 6 or any other denomination of packs? It is just that, I am half way through my twenties and I haven’t asked anyone out yet.

Stopping a girl on her tracks and forcing your desire on to the unassuming lad definitely feels like “you have let your mother down” completely. Unless of course, you can honestly and with last full measure of devotion believes that, you may narrative the same to your kids, after decades, as the story of “how I met your mother”

So the bottom line is, I want to ask out the girl I saw while drinking a coffee to a more overpriced coffee date where they promise you a lot will happen but I can’t …I simply cannot.

Fear is such an emasculating word yet I confess, I am fearful of you, dear girl.

Happy women’s day

By now I am pretty sure Pagalguy is conspiring to ban me from writing any more craps (pun intended) of course you can’t blame them. If they don’t and If I ever see her again and If I am ever again struck with the obvious penchant for writing when I feels like it, this may have a sequel…but please don’t wait up.