The Yellow Balloons…

She sat, engrossed seeking solace in the ripples. Not knowing where life’s gonna take her; why did this happened to me, she questioned her soul.

“It was so strong ; like a story which destiny had painted for her, with him. They were perfect in every sense, why did he do it. Had she lost everything now, yes !! Of course, nothing more was left now”

“It’s all over” the words echoed in her ears, she felt like nauseating. Darkness prevailed across her mind.

Since, 5 years they were together, holding each other in tough times, taking pain just to see a smile on their lovers face. He was with her all along these days, the time when she lost her father, or the time when she had the bloody accident. But what went wrong this time.

*She cursed herself for not being the ideal girl friend, maybe he lost all the love that was suppose to be there, what was present in all those moments & helped them going strong….*

But, what now…?


She got hold of a bunch of yellow balloons , flying amidst the chilled air. It was quater past 7, the atmosphere smelled of roasted turkey. Mother must be cooking dinner, she thought. It was pitch darkness by this time, she got up, with no energy left in those bones, no zeal to eat the delicious turkey for celebrating Christmas. Maybe there will be no moment in future, when I ever can enjoy my life, anyhow. Not even a single second when I would celebrate my doings. I wish he stays happy forever. I wish I never forget him, I wish I live with this injury he gave me. I wish I learn to celebrate pain, maybe I would never be able to trust anyone now.

Random thoughts striked her mind, numbed by the pain which was introduced by life…..

P.S: A story with no ending 🙁 I was just stricken by this idea after watching a movie. Why do people who are left alone by their lover’s always think like this, no matter how hard they tried to make the relationship work. I really wish , if you get an ideal soulmate, don’t let him/her go, no matter what.

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