The “Why MBA” Dilemma

“First you struggle in deciding what you have to do and then you struggle in telling others why you want to do”.

The most common dilemma which 80% of you might be suffering with at the moment.You might be hunting around to find the exact reason to tell the interviewer when asked about “why MBA” and might be sitting disappointed with no right answers in your hands.

Well there’s no right answer for this mysterious question which would come handy to assure your selection in a B-school. There are two kinds of people who do MBA.First, who have a clear career vision and second, who have none. If you are the second category doing an MBA because it will give you a tag of post graduation then bluffing wont help, thinking will. Sometimes being true gives success.

I ‘was’ a software engineer and I was asked how will I bring synergy between the two courses as they have a stark contrast.( I opted for HR). I answered yes I know they are like opposite poles but not unrelated. An engineer can understand the Human Resource Information systems faster than any other graduate per se.

Knowledge never goes in waste,it adds to your wisdom.

If you’ll say you love managing things hence MBA, believe me you’ll fail.

If you’ll say you love people hence MBA-HR, believe me you’ll fail again.

There are no correct words for your selection, there are correct behaviors which will ensure your selection.

Carry your confidence along and a lot of fire in your belly, you might get selected even if you don’t have a strong reason to support your decision.

“You gotta do, so you gotta do” . Period .