What are the 3 unique differentiating factors that set you apart from the SOMs of other IITs?

The most interesting feature is the exposure our students get to American Universities and business giants through our regular exchange program, for e.g. last year, not only did we have the six hour one-on-one with the legendary Warren Buffett, our students also had the rare opportunity to discuss strategies of Fortune 500 companies like Conagra and Union Pacific. In addition, our students go for regular internships to University of Nebraska and Creighton.

Another unique feeling in our curriculum is the six month project and dissertation which enables our students to implement their learning on hands-on-projects.

An inherent spin-off of our large batch size (largest in the IIT system) gives an exposure to others from a wide range of backgrounds. Interaction with service officers also undergoing programs with us adds a new dimension of discipline, management and joie de vivre.

Once an admission application lands on the committee’s desk, what is the process it goes through for shortlisting?

The applications are evaluated with weighted points for academics and extracurricular activities and due credit given to post-qualification work-experience. The objective is to shortlist people who can develop to have good management and leadership qualities.

What was last 3 years cut-off for JMET?

We do not have any specific cut-off points for JMET. We derive a cut-off based on the overall weighted evaluation of the student’s application.

What resources are at the disposal of VGSOM, it being a part of IIT? How many of these resources do students actually use and how?

Students are free to use each and every facility available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of other departments – like the central library and technical labs. They are also encouraged to participate in inter-collegiate and inter-departmental competitions and fests of IIT.

The faculty for many specialized courses is drawn from the other corresponding departments like Humanities and Social Sciences, Industrial Management etc.

In fact, there is a lot of freedom for students to venture into areas of their choice through the entrepreneurial park.

VGSOM only has technical-background students on campus. Does it affect the batch experience when you don’t have arts or commerce students on campus? How do you compensate for it?

It is true that most of our students are techies. This results in them being very strong in their analytical judgments. However, in order to have our students going out with good all-round personalities, there are concerted inputs for developing soft skills and studies of humanities subjects.

Is VGSOM planning to open itself to non-engineering students?

If you read our eligibility criteria, you would find the various degrees which qualify with provision for ‘equivalents’ in terms of course content. To this extent, there is flexibility in admitting non-engineering students.

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