Very often we attribute the success of an organization to the profit it makes. Several crucial decisions and methods are woven together to pave its way towards success. Do the routes taken to achieve triumph also contribute to a company’s success as a whole? Indeed, it does! The way a company conducts itself with respect to its employees and customers speaks a great deal about its morals and value system. These values are known as business ethics.

Business ethics are methods adopted to make an organization socially responsible for its actions.

Earlier, more often than not, companies prioritized on gaining profits without taking into consideration the methods by which it was attained. This often led to poor treatment of the employees, taking consumers and investors for granted as well as going against the law. However with the passage of time business ethics have become an essential part of organizational framework.

Inculcating ethical behavior in a business can benefit the company as they could:

-Build goodwill for the company which can attract new customers

-Encourage employees to be loyal as well as urge new people to join the workforce

-Attract investors and keep the company’s market stakes high

As of today, ethics are incorporated into an organization’s strategies to not just gain the customer’s goodwill but also have a competitive edge over other competitors. Some methods that companies undertake to be ethically ahead would include creating a viably fair framework of rules within the company, supporting non-profit causes & addressing complaints efficiently. Building a strong ethical culture in a company can attract the best talent, customers and investors, don’t you agree?