The Shutterbugs of NITIE

“You don’t capture a moment, you make it.”

Sitting in the laps of nature, we, NITIE Photography club, are also making some of precious moments of your NITIE life which every NITIEzen can savor for their lifetime after passing out from here by saying “SAY CHEESE” every time we press the shutter button of our camera.

We are the most desired person whenever any event happens, sometimes more than the guests during an event. While we do capture the interactive session organized by different committees related to different part of industry , we also capture the random, fun-filled events like Matki-Phod, independence and republic day celebration , dandiya dance, jamming session at ATARIA.

We are the eyes of NITIE. Nothing can surpass from our view. We capture everything from a guest lecture to important companies pre-placement talk to our director ma’am interaction to every student activities and we give it back to our college so that they can feel that moment.


Sometimes they might say that we don’t have a life , we are running here and there with our cameras like cameraman and we are doing a job which we are good at and that’s too for free. Nevertheless, we are driven by the happiness a person feels when he/she sees our clicks.

And then we capture that feeling by saying “ Say Cheese “ *click*.