At our 2015 convocation last spring, Tata Group Chairman and
Universita Bocconi International Advisory Council Member, Mr. Ratan Tata urged
graduates to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities as opposed to simply managing
for others. At MISB Bocconi, we couldn’t agree with Mr. Tata more.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes entrepreneurs so
important, along with why the PGPB offers the perfect opportunity to position
yourself for entrepreneurial success.

Why Entrepreneurs Matter

Entrepreneurs power the economy through the introduction of
new sources of work and wealth. But it’s more than just about money.
Entrepreneurs also drive change: They possess the unique ability to make the
world a better place through the rare combination of vision and action. In this
sense, they’re not just essential to economic growth, but they’re also an
invaluable resource.

India and Entrepreneurs

India is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and rich
history of entrepreneurship. This is perhaps no better exemplified than by the
vibrant city we call home, Mumbai.

In addition to being home to numerous leading multinational
corporations and organisations across a breadth and depth of industries, this
bustling commercial capital is also well-known for the cosmopolitan suburb of
Powai, described by The Hindu Business Line as “Mumbai’s answer to Silicon Valley.”
Truly amazing things are happening within this fascinating startup ecosystem,
and MISB Bocconi students get a firsthand view.

Cultivating Entrepreneurship at MISB Bocconi

There’s an ongoing debate in the business world regarding
whether entrepreneurs are born or made. At MISB Bocconi, we’re not entirely
sure it matters. Why? Because regardless of how students come by their
entrepreneurial goals, we work hard to cultivate in them the skills, talents
and drive to create and pursue opportunities for innovation.

From an entire department devoted to Strategy and
Entrepreneurship helmed by entrepreneurial guru (and student favorite)
Mikkel Draebye
activities like our recent Sundowners With Startups event,
MISB Bocconi is alive and well with opportunities not just for students to
learn about entrepreneurship, but also to interact with the region’s
entrepreneurs to glean actionable insights and even make strong connections in
the process.

With India on the verge of economic superpower-dom, the role
of entrepreneurs will be more vital than ever. Who will be India’s next
generation of innovators, big thinkers, and global stewards? We’re betting on
you, and it all starts right here at MISB Bocconi.

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