The Rise of a New Sun: Narendra Modi

With a controversial past and a promising future- Narendra Modi, ex-Chief Minister, Gujarat and present Prime Minister, Indian Republic is here to change the game! Clearly, all eyes are focused on India’s “most admired politician” who shook Indian Politics in the recent parliamentary elections and shone by sweeping off record number of seats in his party’s (BJP) favor. As he gets ready to swear in as the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world today, let’s look back at his last few years and achievements.

With a turbulent past of being associated with the Godhra incidents, Modi launched the “Vibrant Gujarat” mission in 2003. With Modi State government’s rigid principles and commitment, pledged investments in Gujarat have grown from $14 billion in 2003 to $450 billion in 2011. Today, everyone looks at Gujarat as one live model of development, as an example of charisma and hope that India as a whole will be remodeled into something as brighter as the state itself. A comprehensive look at Modi’s 12-years of rule in the state of Gujarat brings out record examples of development that have been made possible through the “Mission Gujarat” campaign launched by him.

The Gujarat Growth Story shows us how challenges can be faced and converted into possibilities; statistics from last ten years of Gujarat State Government tell the same story:

1. Agriculture: In the last decade the agricultural growth rate in Gujarat was a phenomenal 10.71% compared to the country’s growth rate of 3% in the same period. The tremendous growth in the state has largely contributed to the National Agricultural output.

2. Economy: In 2004, over 33% of the state population in Gujarat comprised of BPL families; the figure decreased to 16.63% in 2011. The state government made phenomenal achievements of reducing the loads of debt. The GDP has also increased from Rs. 1, 11, 139 crore to Rs. 5. 94. 563 crore in the same time period.

3. Small Scale Industries: In 2001, over 22% of small scale industries in Gujarat had to shut down facing a number of challenges. In the next decade, under the endeavor of the state government- this rate not only slowed down, but more than 5 lakh active and thriving small scale industries flourished in Gujarat providing employment to more than 25 lakh people.

4. Education: In the period 1991-2001, the overall literacy rate in Gujarat was less than the National Literacy Rate. But during 2001-2011, the state literacy rate in Gujarat was 2 points higher than that of the national rate.

5. Employment: The current unemployment rate in Gujarat is 7 persons (per 1000)- the least in the country when compared to the all India average of 29 persons. This has only become possible due to introduction of a number of schemes by the state government under the able leadership of Modi.

Known to be a workaholic, Modi was instrumental in bringing rapid changes into the political scenario that BJP was left with. Mr. Narendra Modi is the lone warrior post Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the BJP camp who has not only revived the political image of the party but also led the party through an unprecedented walk of victory. In the last decade he has grown steadily as a leader and his political career has achieved exponential leaps and bounds by focusing at hopes of billions of people. No politician in the Indian history has received or demonstrated such colossal win in the last seven decades. Understandably, the people of the Indian democracy are looking forward for a change, a “Modi”fication and they have faith in Narendra Modi as the most capable leader.

Any election reveals the heart and soul of the citizens of the nation. As the
“Modi Sarkar” is all set to “Serve & Change” the nation- it has promises to keep and miles to go forward. Fingers are crossed and everyone is hopeful that the good days are here- and here for good.

Disclaimer: This article has been written by a member of Corporate Communications Team at Fortune Institute of International Business and doesn’t reflect the views of the Institute.