The Politics!!

With the popularity of the new faction in town,soaring, I wonder how the upcoming elections will turn out to be. AAP having swept the Delhi polls exuberantly, has periled the chances of NaMo.

No doubt, the party is great. It’s intentions are chaste. It has proved that folks of this country are fed up by demagoguery and want a change in the prevailing system. It has offered us (to be precise,to the Delhiites so far) an alternate governance. No wonder, the party will reach great heights. But personally I feel now, it isn’t the right time for them to go national.

AAP has been preparing for Delhi polls for over an year-understanding their problems, reaching out to people and most importantly, opting for impeccable candidates. The reason for the triumph was their selection for ‘party ticket-guys with clean images.’ No doubt, it was all because of the ingenuity of one man – Mr Kejriwal. He ran a one man show. He is AAP and AAP is he. But, there definitely is lot more to that.

What I want to point out is that all that we saw during the last month was a result of a year long strategy, a properly planned action. I personally think, the decision to nationalise itself copiously is a bit impetuous. The part seems to be in a hurry to expand its horizon for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The workers are surely getting drifted by their Delhi tale and this might unbutton to be hazardous for them.

With the number of people getting affiliated with AAP rising each day, I fear about the credibility of the new candidates to whom they are offering tickets. Coming forward of eminent personalities from different fields is definitely a great news for AAP but what might turn out to be a menace for them,are the already active political leaders who are switching to AAP.

I am not anti-AAP workers. I love them. I love their ideologies. I appreciate what they are providing us an alternative to end an era of Indian Politics and unleash a new one, definitely a better one. But, I think they should have waited for 2019 elections-take some time for themselves, learn the ways,figure out their shortcomings,improvise themselves and let Modi take this one. This would have been in the interest of everybody.

With the AAP wave in town, they will certainly score big and what it will do is divide the seats. No party will have the majority and AAP will have to form a collation with Congress, which is not gonna make the variations as India currently needs.

Let’s hope for the best.