The Mystery – History Day

“What should I do first, World War I or II?” were my words when the mystery began.

10th grade board exams were going on and I was preparing for the Marathi paper (2nd Language paper). I was feeling blissful that I have completed the syllabus. It was 7.45 am when mom called me for a cup of tea and the telephone rang. My best friend was there on the other side of the phone and we started talking casually.

She was worried that she is not able to remember answers for World War II related questions. I was like what are you studying? And she was like what are you studding idiot? In my confidence, I started blaming her foolishness for studying the wrong subject. My poor friend checked the schedule again and in a melodious voice said it is History.

I was shocked, my mom was asking me what happened and I was silent, deep in thoughts. Gathering strength, I asked mom to leave me alone for 2 hours. I locked myself in my room and revised as much history possible. Thanks to the coaching class preliminary exams, I had studied that subject earlier. I arrived at the examination center with an adrenaline rush and gave the mystery history in full gusto. My parents and friends were worried about the results but the results were a pleasant surprise.

This incidence was the most happening and has taught me a big lesson. Being pragmatic helped me a thousand tons. I rather felt it was my mom’s test because she was waiting outside my exam center for the whole exam time. When I came outside the exam center with a smile, she had no words and she just hugged me tight.

Such incidences, even if small, are a mix of practical and emotional ingredients and leave memorable footprints behind. I will always cherish this mystery history day and so thought to share with you all. And the fun part, I didn’t prepare for Marathi paper as I was already prepared.

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