The “MYRACLES” Series – Students Speak About MYRA School of Business

Every day at MYRA is different and demanding especially with the immersion model of teaching. You get to work in teams involving people from different industries, which broadens your horizon and helps you learn how same problem can be approached from various perspectives. As every course ends in around 15 days, every minute you spend needs to be well planned. The world class faculty makes sure you get the gist of the subject in a well-crafted practical environment and keep you stimulated with plethora of class interactions and quizzes. The student life at MYRA revolves around learning and shaping yourself. There are different student clubs, which keep organizing events to involve other students as well as to develop their own capabilities to handle commitments, responsibilities and being in-charge. Life at MYRA is full of fun and challenges and Mysore’s pleasant weather adds to the great experience. Going for a countryside ride during long weekend breaks is an immensely pleasurable and fun activity.

Manisha (PGPX)

(Bachelors in Dental Surgery & Professional Diploma in CRCDM, 8+ years of professional work experience)