tHE MAthematICIAn Frnd!!

FRND R ONE WHO MAKE U’R PROBLEM VANISH & IF NOT EASIER..and this frnd of my, was the same who helped me wid many of my functions and probability Q.He even provided me life, by the thrill of night out in shivering cold of delhi or by sharing my cigarettes(which in a way was providing me a lease of life) yesterday, i got a call from my frnd & he surprisd me by saying that i he had a gud news and a bad 1 and asked me choose the 1st one …being an optimistic fellow i went for the gud one which was”he got placed at calcutta ..oops KOLKATA ” i heaved a sigh of relief (bcz this job meant alot 2 him) and preparing my heart for the blow yet 2 face “i asked chal ab sad part kya hai bata”..and it was ki “yaar main milne delhi nahi aa sakta , kyunki joining is on 6th march and passport office jana hain nd all” …and the entire year flashed in front of me (since we have been frnd ..from the day he sat beside me and asked to share my notes”..Ahhh! the pain was deep ..again breaking my heart..bcz this was the same pain i felt when i left my school, college, frnds from job..again i was going through the same….and i realize that winter was over and the season of tree shedding the leaves is approaching ..snatching away my happiness…TIME TO MOVE ON FELLAS….”DEDICATED TO MY MATHEMATICIAN FRND”

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