The Last Leap

Hi students,

With no more than a month left for the much awaited engineering entrance
exams, you must be quite worried now. Time is less and your syllabus is vast. It’s time to work smartly and make the most of the limited time left. By now you must have finished studying most of the topics
mentioned in the syllabus. Now all you need is to prepare yourself
to take the test and give your hundred percent in it. Here are a few
tips to utilize the last month wisely for the test.

From now
on you must stop studying topic wise and start solving papers. One or two
papers a day is more than enough. Don’t exceed this limit as you may
get bored at the end. There may be a few questions which you are not
able to solve quickly or correctly. Concentrate on only those questions for the day and practice them. In this way, you will learn to
master those questions and not waste your time solving the known
ones. A great deal of confidence would also build up in this process.
Make a quick glance list of formulae to carry with you throughout
the day.

with your peers also helps a lot. Discuss your problems with a friend.
They might have a much faster and easier approach to the same
question. Some topics, when discussed, remain in your memory for a long time. At times, you get a recollection of your
friend explaining a concept to you, when you come across a question pertaining to that concept. Along
with studies, health and diet is of utmost importance too. You should
not over exert yourself. Eat proper light food. Heavy meals could
make you lazy. Exercise once in a while, because sitting at one place
for long is not good. Get adequate sleep because your mind must be
fresh while studying.

day before the exam, you must relax. Don’t study any new topic. You
already know enough and your preparation is done. In fact, don’t even
revise. Because you would always think that you have missed something to
read. Again, get good sleep. Though this might be contradictory to
what I said earlier, don’t discuss anything with your friends
that day. Because you might panic if something unknown/new gets
discussed with them.

Most importantly, relax.
Keep your calm. Have confidence in yourself. It’s the Last Leap. Give
it your all. Give it your Best!! Good Luck, Happy Studying ?