The Last Glance!

In a room full of strangers,

letting the time slip by,

looking across the other end was

when he saw those anxious eyes!

She was glancing across to him too he thought,

or maybe she was not,

or perhaps it was just a cursory look,

to seek a familiar face that she took!

But quite at home did she seem,

alone in a place full of noise and clutter.

Trying to escape the routine, just like him,

and the things they thought didn’t much matter!

And both their eyes did meet at times,

while they pretended to be on something different,

no one knew what was on the other’s head,

they were both unsure and hesitant!

Moments passed just alike,

and they didn’t know what to do!

About to leave was she when wondering,

is he thinking of me too?

On her way out she looked back at him,

and their eyes did meet finally for the one last glance.

That he knew will make him sad in years to come,

remembering how he missed the most beautiful chance!