The Green Mile

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”

-Søren Kierkegaard

Nine years ago, everyone i knew were studying for the heck of getting good marks, it was a part of the life that everyone struggled to clear the board exams and get into some decent Plus2 colleges. Most of them did make it though, including myself.

Fast Forward, seven years ago, the same batch, were careless about marks and they started concentrating more on getting ranks in national exams like IIT, AIEEE. This was a mere fantasy for me and i struggled to get an admission into a decent college. Finally made it to a good college and during all my four years in Engineering, life has taught me one thing – Every moment is a new opportunity to learn new things.

When i was on the verge of graduation, there was only one thing in life i wanted to achieve. MBA in a good college. Although getting placed in an MNC during the exam timings literally had it’s effect, but it never deterred my spirit.I didn’t make the cut the first time i gave CAT, joined the organization and moved to Bangalore for the initial training.

Bangalore, a paradise for the party goers 😀 welcomed me with open arms and i was glad that i had the foundations of my career placed in that beautiful city. Although there were a few hiccups during the initial stages, i still managed to clear the training examinations and return back to my home town.


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