The Breaking bad fever….

Well one thing which reminds me of my college days is “breaking bad”…suggested my one of my classmates..i began watching it in final year…and after watching few episodes i became mad about it..”Jessy”,a silly yet an intriguing character and the main protagonist “Mr. White” surely had something which person gets addicted to..Long nights spend in watching every episode of the series..the pangs of excitement increasing with every new episode…The most commendable part was the efforts put behind the plot and twists and turns in the full series..Though it has come to an end now…it still remains an integral part of my life because of reminiscences of my good old days…Well I am downloading and beginning the series again…It was a mesmerizing sitcom but ended with a note ” All bad things must come to an end”..reminding us to keep this stance in life always because whatever bad you do it surely comes to an end….

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