The best four days of my year: Comic Con 2015 & Mood Indigo 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015 was the start of the best weekend of my year. The Comic Con – a comic convention organized in Mumbai – began, with a quick shout out with Sylvester McCoy, the Scottish actor who played the seventh & final doctor on the original run of Dr. Who, a famous TV show.

An amazing personality who always attracted the rapt attention of the audience, knowing about him in detail was really an inspiring story for one and all. Followed by this was the exclusive release of Art Shake by artist and colourist Yogesh Pugaonkar. Then came on the stage Rob Denbleyker, the co-creator of webcomic Cyanide and Happiness, and he did entertain everyone present with his great comic presence and of course those great funny cartoons.

Along with all these releases and special sessions going on, there were numerous stalls in the Bombay Exhibition Centre which were entirely full through the 2 days. There were stalls of your favourite superheroes, anime characters, TV show characters, some stalls which sold random stuff which were pretty funny. At these stalls you could find anything and everything about your favourite characters: T-shirts, mugs, posters, wall paintings, and autographs by special guests, special selfies and many more such reasons which made you love Mumbai Film and Comic Con 2015 even more. On the 20th was the special entry of the Y-Films superstars. They were extremely entertaining and they enthralled everyone there. But then there was the arrival of the funniest guys, the East India Comedy guys including Sorabh Pant and Sapan Varma. They were just amazing and made us laugh like mad. After this was the Cosplay contest where the participants were dressed as Batman, Robin, Superman, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and many other Indian characters like Shaktimaan, Bheem and Flintstones. It was really entertaining and eye-soothing to see everyone dressed up in such vibrant colours with great passion .Then the winner of this Cosplay contest was announced which marked the end of this best weekend of the year.

But if you thought that the fun was over, it was not to be for me. It had just begun.

Monday morning, December 21, and it was Mood Indigo time. Having missed the earlier part of the fest, I assured that I reached early on the last day to take part in all activities and take full advantage of this opportunity at hand. We reached there and headed straight to the KC ground where the most fun-filled events were taking place including land zorbing, paint ball, bow and arrow, human foosball et al. Among others, human foosball and paint ball were totally a different experience altogether. For the human foosball, it was indeed we humans enacting the wooden foosball which was great fun. Then there were games like circular pool, elliptical table tennis, wrong ping pong, spike ball and many more. They were enough to keep us entertaining throughout. Then it was time for Ace stand-up comedian Vir Das to take centre stage at the Dell Convocation Hall. After standing in the line for such a long time when I finally got in and got a chance to witness this spectacle, truly speaking each word of his was every second’s worth. He was really fantastic and kept us laughing and smiling throughout and even emotional with some of his personal life stories which he shared with us.

Also what was a really intellectual session was that by our former Union Minister, Mr. Shashi Tharoor. He spoke about Indian citizen’s role on a global stage. There was a large gathering to witness this session. One line of this which was really awesome was, “So far we have been rule takers, and it is now time to be rule makers”.

And as this mega carnival was drawing to its end on the 21st, the most awaited event of the fest had arrived. It was Pritam along with famous Bollywood singers including Neha Kakkad, Javed Ali, Amit Mishra and many more. He sang melodious songs like Kabira, Lat Lag Gayi, Ilahi, Badtameez Dil, Tum Mile, etc. and ended the show with a bang with Balaam Pichkari and Selfie Le Le. What I personally liked about Pritam was that he was introducing everyone supporting him there on the stage, be it the pianoists, the background singers and whoever else. This really showed how great at heart he as a human being is.

It was truly a great show put up by the Mood I guys, all the organizers and the participants and all those who were present there to witness this spectacle.

So along with ComicCon, Mood-I was an additional equity to my happiness just before Christmas. It seems as if Santa has already given me the gift of joy and merriment. It was indeed the best four days of the year for me and a wonderful experience overall.

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