The Angel and I

Me: Oh Yeah ! There she is!The Angel of my life for the last few years!

Devil : Really ? Is she the one ? Well, try your glasses on and just see if she is the one !

I quickly put my glasses and she seems to be running towards me and I am super excited to see the distance between us dwindle. I too start running towards her. It seems that this time round i will finally make my way into her arms. As i reach closer and closer, i see that there are a number of madcaps running in this race. I quickly optimise my running speed and try to focus on the path ahead. I sweat and i sweat hard, but who cares!

The “Angel” now stands still. Again, who cares! Everyone is on a run, a real mad run! Slowly, but steadily I can see the Angel turning more beautiful and graceful. I fail to notice a pit fall approaching us and i fumble over it but hey!, I am still running this race. I am still on. And of-course I am sweating! How can you even ask that ?And yes some contenders could not cross the pitfall and ended up having a free fall.

I am nervous and conscious ! The ground seems a little shaky now and i can see a lot of thorns spread over the way forward. And then i realize that a few big thorns have already penetrated my feet and there is a stream of blood oozing out through my feet. I can no longer run. The numerous mad cap runners outpace me and I no longer feel like a competitor! I roll over on the ground, my eyes are wet, and my knees are shivering. The Angel walks to me and whispers in my ear – ” So, you fail yet again!”. Will you still run the race or try finding some other Angel? I can hear a gun shot fired to declare the end of the time and there is free-fall of the piece of the land i am lying on. I feel a thrust of power in my abdomen and i wake up, only to realize that it was a dream. Damn! Seems my last attempt at CAT, ended with that free-fall!

I shout — ” You ain’t the only angel in the world!”

My Roomie shouts back – ” Don’t Sleep talk you idiot! “

I lie like a hopeless kid trying to sleep again so that to get rid of the bloody feeling!