The word MAN*, isn’t it overrated ??..For every little darn thing about which we freak out, people say be a MAN! take it all what ever comes in your stride, walk tall, Mard ko dard nai hota ( areyy!! kuyn nai hota??) and such other cliched phrases. But seriously!?!! Is it really easy to be the ‘MAN’ ? Be strong and content, calm and composed, soft to the weak yet courageous. Aggression intact, manners abstract, love compact, heart like the almond extract but as the matter of fact aren’t we expecting way too much from the people.Yes, it is an ideal description of not just the men but of the women as well. It is not just the guy’s responsibility to come forth at the time of a crises,but also a women’s.

Another question that comes in my mind is why be strong ? Why push ourselves to attain the level of feeling no pain ? But why attain it when we know that our loved ones will nurture us. Why should everybody be soo perfect ? Don’t the people have the right to freak out ? Get scared ? Lazy a little, be casual a little more ?? Why have we pushed ourselves or may be restricted ourselves from feeling things? Pushed ourselves to such an extent that we no longer require the care of another being? Yes, it helps in being independent and self reliant but isn’t also a kind of defense mechanism from not getting hurt ??

Walking tall with a strong vibe and a straight face, (yes its damn hot!!) but what about the heart, ain’t it hollow ? A MAN is not someone who doesn’t feels pain, it’s someone who overcomes the miseries of life. Be’s however he wants but gathers himself when broken. And being nice, that is the bottom line. Nothing good happens being bad.

PS : This is not a gender based article. THE MAN here is considered as the Human Being and we should get out of the stereotyped notion that the man(gender) should be exceptionally strong without tearing.

Anyone who conquers their demons are entitled to be called a MAN!