The 3-D’s of Destiny!

I’ll try and keep the article short and to the point.

As and when life happens to people, they take this word ‘Destiny’ in different spirits.

DENY: Stage one is when the word destiny seems a myth. We don’t buy it. It seems as if we don’t give a damn.Nothing else matters. Results are based on actions, no frills attached. There’s nothing that has been written before and nothing that follows the lead of any of our action in future.

DEFY: When certain things go wrong despite of our efforts, or in other words, we start feeling we are one among the unlucky bunch of people who luck doesn’t favors at all, we try to fix things. We fix them by probably working even harder and thus trying to go against what destiny has in store for us. That’s what is probably called the ‘Struggle phase’ or the ‘Defying phase’.

DEFINE: Post the struggle phase, a time comes when we realize whatever we have, is a result of both our hard work and luck. Here is when we define Destiny: An intelligent, situation dependent and ideal amalgam of both luck as well as efforts. We stop blaming destiny at this point and start looking for how can things be improved so we do not have to blame anyone but ourselves for our faults.

There are some people who are said to be ‘Destiny’s Child’. These are the ones for whom life paves way as they proceed, with the best of opportunities. Luck is with them always. Most of the hurdles are a cake walk.

But as for many more other people out there, there is always a scope to live, change and define Destiny in their own way, as and when realization dawns. Later or sooner, life gives a chance, it’s for us to either make it or break it!