Thanks CAT

Having appeared for the exam twice I can say I have experienced this exam cum phenomenon first hand. When I took the exam for the first time, it was without any preparation and I still managed a decent score. I was eagerly waiting for the exams this time NOT just to get into a good b-school BUT also to prove my worth. To prove what I was not able to during my board exams, engineering entrance tests and more. I wanted to end my run of mediocrity with an amazing CAT score and by adding the tag of an old b-school. What happened next? I was not in the top one percent not even in top 2 percent. I ended in top five percent as always.

I was disappointed but not shocked. As, somewhere deep inside I saw this coming.

I have been doing a lot of introspection lately and I feel there are lots of questions of which I need to find answers. But most importantly, I have understood few facts –

1. You don’t need to prove anything to anybody. If you try to prove yourself to others, you won’t be living your life! But a life which is considered ideal by others. You should decide what you want to do with your life as after all, it’s yours!

2. ‘You are what you think’. If I start thinking that I am a failure and good for nothing, a mediocre, that is what I will become in due time. Thus, I should not think about things I don’t want to become and rather visualize and act on what I want to become.

3. Above all, I have realized being fearless is the prerequisite of success. Fear of failure won’t help you a bit but will keep you in constant agony.

Remember the time when you gave your all for an exam and even before the results were declared, you knew you are going to succeed. Did you succeed? YEAAH!

Were you worried of failure? NO! Exactly, you were fearless.

Thus, prepare so well that failure ceases to be an option.

All my life I have been writing exams.I have spent so many sleepless nights before exams to withstand the expectations of my parents as I desperately wanted to make them feel proud. But at this point, I know life is not at all about exams it is about learning! Now, I know my parents never really wanted me to succeed, they want me to learn and become a better person.

This is what my dad said to me after I got my first job – “Son, this world will always try to teach you to survive but I want you to Live”. Thanks CAT.