Thank you

Thank you XL !

22nd January when I first received mail from XLRI I couldn’t believe it. I never checked XL site even once for the GD/PI shortlist result. The mail from XL enthused me. Filled me with self confidence .I was charged.

At that time I knew nothing about Pagalguy . Today finally a curtain will fall . The journey will come to an end. Temporarily! Preparing my self for a sad evening. I know that nothing will stop. Chirping of birds , flowering of flowers , the sun shine , the gentle breeze across the mango tree of my garden…..

But I will be a different person. Sad , melancholy ….. It will take some time to come to terms with the reality . But it has been a wonderful journey with all the puys. I will understand that it takes more to be part of XL. It needs more to score above 99…It needs more to face those gentlemen in the interview board ….It needs more to write an essay…It needs more to handle a GD….