Testimonial Written by SOIL Alumni to the Founder & CEO, Anil Sachdev

Dear Anil Sir,

Greetings and Respects!

I am Varun Nivas Chandrasekaran, alumnus from Go-Givers. I will complete 3 years in Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd by May, 2017. I am writing this mail to express my gratitude to the fullest for being accepted as part of the SOIL family. I am not going to tell you how easy for us to cope with the people from other institutions or how are we on par with them. I am writing this mail to tell you how the alumni of SOIL are connected deep down with one single thought that was seeded from the very first day of SOIL.

Recently there were many organizational changes that were introduced into the Auto Sector of M&M and fortunately, Vinod Krishnan (Alumnus, third batch of SOIL. He was working with Maruti earlier and is with M&M currently) and I were part of this. It was to develop L&D goal. Individually we had to develop the framework to arrive at the ideas and convene together to develop the goal. One glaring aspect was that though the way we presented the idea to forum in different ways, the thought that went into creation of the goal were exactly the same. The more interesting aspect is that the framework and the concepts to arrive at the goal is also the same.

Intrigued by this, I gave the problem statement to another SOIL Alumnus who was then working with another organization. Astonishingly, he also came up with similar set of ideas.

Since that was the only instance, I wanted to wait for one more instance to see if my thought process is right. Vinod and I, developed an intervention on Work Life Balance that emerged out of a satisfaction survey. We used the instructional design framework to develop the workshop and have successfully implemented the pilot.

Even for this, we had our thought process put in mind map format and then convened on the idea to develop the content. Needless to say, the lessons we learnt in SOIL were put into use and the ideas we both had with respect to what needs to be included into the program were similar.

The workshop was very well received and what started as just a one time workshop is being planned as a proprietary module to be delivered across different departments and locations.

For making us a better human beings with respect to the thoughts, ideas, behaviors, attitudes — Thank you very much Sir! Thank you for imparting the knowledge and we were able to find avenues to deliver what we learnt instead finding reasons of not delivering it.

Wholeheartedly, thank you very much!


Varun Nivas Chandrasekaran & Vinod Krishnan,

SOIL Alumnus