Tell Me How will You Get a GF in 7 days?

IIM Calcutta Interview Experience

22nd Feb, 2016

Mumbai , 8:00 am slot

X: 93.84

XII : 89.33

Grad : 7.37 (Mech)

CAT15: 99.71

WAT : Earlier people didn’t used to fear migrators, now they see  them with a suspicion and migration is raising fears among locals.

PI : 3 professors, 35eish, 2 in 50s.

Duration : (35 Mins)

(When I entered, 2 of them went to the washroom)

P1 : What did others tell you? Did they discuss questions outside ?

Me : Yes sir.

P1 : So what did they say?

Me: Sir, not much just, some qs on educational background, hobbies, and current affairs that’s all.

P1 : okay, let’s do something different with you.

Me : Ok sir.

P1 : Tell me what is it that you are most passionate about.

Me : Sir, I love photography very much and I am fond of trekking.

P1 : Stared at me for 3-4 seconds.

(at this point, I thought he/others will ask some cross questions so I was getting ready, but nothing :|)

P1 : So you are what ? an Engineer?

Me : Yes sir, mechanical Engineer.

P1 : Oh, we have this all time fav question for the Mechanical Enggs, tell me what is a differential ?

Me : Explained, what is differential why it is needed n bla bla seemed convinced.

P1 : Do trains have diff ?

Me : No, explained how trains achieve diff RPMs for wheels.

(P2 enters the room and takes the seat)

P2 : Engineer? 

Me : Yes, Mechanical.

P2: Explain what is differential.

Me : (W**) !! Again explained it in 2-3 lines.

P2 : No tell me how it works.

Me: Asked for notepad drew gear arrangement for diff, and explained how it works, how torque is distributed n bla bla…(Seemed convinced)

P1 : Okay, tell me what will happen if we keep a fridge in an isolated room and open the door.

Me : Beating around the bush at first, cannot cool a place by exchanging heat with only one source n bla bla…then said temp will remain const as evap and condenser will negate each other.

P1: Are you sure.

Me: Evap n Condenser will negate the effect but because of electrical resistance and efficiency of fridge some heat will be generated that will lead to slight increase in temp.

P1 : slight means how much ? by how much will it increase ?

Me : I^2RT, will give heating by electrical resistance and equate it with MC(T2-T1), you’ll get the temp diff.

P1: OK, (seemed satisfied)

P2: Tell me some social issues in Maharashtra (I am from Mh)

Me : Blabbered about not remembering social issue, then said farmers suicide.

P2: isn’t that economical issue?

Me: Its more like a socio-economical issue.

P2 : okay, explain.

Me : Explained Marathwada, rain-shadow region, why droughts, crops they take there, what previous govt did, what current govt is doing, what should be done etc etc.

P2 : Ok, (not very convinced)

P1 : Joined any coaching ?

Me: Just for the test series (:P)

P1: Then how did you prepare for interviews and GDs n all.

Me : Said I read newspaper regularly since I was in 6th-7th, so current affairs was not problem. told about alignment and presentation.

P1 : What other calls?

Me : Except A & B others.

P1 : Why C ?

Me : (W*##) ! Sir, I have graduated from oldest engg college in state (actually 3rd oldest in Asia :P) I want to pursue my PG from oldest MBA college in India.

P1 : blabbered something like, you think old is gold, but its not like that, will you choose an older lady over a younger one bla bla…do you have a GF ?

Me : No, Sir, I am a mechanical Engg.

P1 : Tell me how will you get a gf in 7 days, tell me the approach.

Me : (This was too much) bla bla bla…mutual friend…common dinner/movie bla bla…

P1 : you still are in brick mortar era….whers FB, twitter in this?

Me : I think interaction in person important bla bla

P1 : have you seen Amar Akbar Anthony ? (Started asking do you remember how Amitabh n bla bla)

Me: Interrupting him, No sir, I haven’t seen the movie.

P2: (to P1, he hasn’t seen the movie)

P1 : Ok, what was last movie you saw ?

Me : Bajirao Mastani.

P1 : what do you think of the controversy ?

Me : It was a love story just as Jodha Akbar, neither of the movies represented complete life of the leaders, we should take it as a love story, nothing more.

P1 : OK.

All three : Do you have anything to ask us ?

Me : Heard about IIMC starting boat club and kayaking.

P1 & P2 : it is already there.

P3 : Yes, but we just bought some boats with association of…

Me : West Bengal Kayaking and Canoeing Association, I have read about that and I look forward to joining that if I get an admission.

All 3 : yes yes, we have decided to become more than academics, IIMC earlier meant only academics bla bla…..anything else.

Me : No sir.

All 3 : Thank you then.

Me : Thank you !