Teachers Playing Angles for Students of Manipur
Teachers Playing Angles for Students of Manipur

As said by Eva Amurri “A good teacher is one who can take the zero pay and help their kids to develop physically, emotionally, socially, is an angel.”

And that’s what teachers of Ukhrul’s government school are playing for their students by acting beyond their designation to ensure that students are provided, for what they come to school, i.e. A quality of education. You can get more information on Manipur education from the official website, https://manipureducation.gov.in/ .

The two instances were these teachers have acted beyond their role shall make you realize why it is one of the noblest professions of all.

Ukhrul’s government school is a school having a background wherein most of parents of these students are farmers and are unable to afford school uniforms, books, and stationery for their children.

But not taking it as a hurdle, teachers of Ukhrul’s government school played their role anyways.

Recently on Independence Day when the teachers partially funded gumboots for the students so that they could participate in the parade on the rain-soaked ground. Each of the 12 teachers, including the Principal of the school, contributed Rs 300 each for the same.

Another Instance shall be when teachers acted firmly to do something, for the students, so their students don’t miss their school due to extremely cold in winters in Ukhrul, as children were finding it difficult to attend school without sweaters.

So, to add up to the solution, the teachers spread the word collection old school uniforms of Savio School, which is one the prestigious private institution which is about 300 meters away from their school.

 Sensing these to be an opportunity many parents and students came forward and donated their old uniforms. At the end of the month, over 60 woollen red sweaters, pants, and skirts were collected as part of this drive.

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