Talking about failure at the interview

Interview Debrief

Time : 12 noon

Date : 24th Jan

Place : Mumbai

Panel 8 – P1 (lady) P2 (Guy) P3 (Guy)

I reached the venue early at 10 30 am . It so happened that my panel had two candidates before me who did not show up or were very late (I don’t know) . So I was asked to go in next and write my one word essay after interview.

P2 – tell me about yourself

Me – Told them about my college, significant work achievements and ECA

P1 – So no sports achievement ?

Me – No, I was not good at any. I have poor hand-eye coordination . But I compensated that by learning Karate

P1 – Till which belt did you reach ?

Me – Blue

P2 – But you are good at gaming, right ? (based on my profile)

Me – Yeah, because that does not require any body movements. Only Fingers are involved.

P2 – What did you learn from Karate ?

Me – Determination. Karate is not like Gym where you can observe physical change to your body in few months. It takes long time for muscles to be strengthen and one needs to keep practicing

P2 – Did you participate in any events for Karate

Me – yes, Club Level

P2 – Tell me about a failure for which you are responsible at your workplace ?

Me – I started answering …P2 interrupted

P2 – Think about this for a while, no hurry, give me the best failure ?

Me – Okay, I don’t have that many to select from. But still if you say so I can compose my thoughts

P3 (chips in) – You mentioned about patents ? Do you own the rights ?

Me – No, All royalty and licensing rights are with my Company. I am the Inventor.

P2 – Coming back to failure question . You can talk now ?

Me – Mentioned about it, plenty of counter questions by all three of them, I tried my best to justify all of them.

P2 – Question from my essay – I gave an example to explain my innovation. A place where it wont work

Me – For humans . Lot of hilarious moments in this answer but since you most of you don’t know the context I will skip that part

P2 – What was the event that you organised in your college ?

Me – Event was to play role of Election Commission and organise election in the college

P3 – What was the purpose ?

Me – Create political awareness within college

P2 – What did you learn from that event ?

Me – Need to be perceived fair and not only be fair. All parties registered for event must feel that . Gave an example, how one party got offended , when what I did was according to rules. Some Counter Questions here by everyone

P1 – Are you a team player or Leader ?

Me – It depends . If I believe in an idea and I feel the need to take an initiative, I take one. But if I believe in someone else vision, I dont hesitate to follow him.

P1 – But you come across as Team player . What are the Initiatives you have taken ?

Me – Mentioned about couple them I had mentioned in my application as well

P1 – Oh Yeah, okay okay.

Overall I would say it was  pretty okayish . I did fumble here and there and I feel I could have done better in self- reflective questions (learning-types ones). Anyways, now everything is upto Almighty !

It was a pleasant experience overall. Lasted for around 25-30 mins.