Tale of Two Continents

History repeats itself, again and again – does that mean that mankind don’t learn anything from history? Going by the recent events it’s not very difficult to comprehend that we don’t, we don’t learn. Question is that if we are not ready to learn from history then why we try to keep history alive in our mind? Perhaps to console our self that we are not alone in acting foolishly, our wise forefather has done the same.

This is the story of two continents – continent of Asia and Europe. This is the story of how events of 19th century Europe are being unfolded in 21st century Asia. This is the story of how situation of World War I is being replicated to create ground for World War III.

Balkan has been known as “powder keg of Europe” (A powder keg is a barrel of gunpowder and was the primary method for storing and transporting large quantities of black powder up until the 1870s and the adoption of the modern cased bullet. Powder keg is also a metaphorical term sometimes political, socio-economic, and historical or other circumstances have made the subject prone to outbursts).

The Balkan is the Peninsular Southeast Europe. The name is derived from the Balkan Mountains. This region is inhabited by an assortment of ethnic groups and has been one of the most volatile regions in 20th century. The most dominant groups are the Slavic Ethnic groups which include the Bulgarians, Macedonians, Serbs, Croats, and Bosniaks etc. Balkans had a long history of nationalist uprising and ethnic clashes. This was the reason that the Balkans was known as the “Powder Keg” of Europe. There was a power vacuum created in Balkans due to decline of the Ottoman Empire and different countries were trying to fill this vacuum by extending their own power. This power struggle was the main reason behind eruption of World War I.

Situation of 19th century Europe is not very different from 21st century Asia. We are the on the verge of crossing the threshold to plunge into the bloody pool of our history.

Middle East is the “Powder Keg” of 21st century Asia. The same struggle has been going on between different countries to establish their hegemony to control this oil rich region. Only difference is their undeclared intention hidden in garb of “mission to establish Democracy”. “The perpetual destabilization of Iraq, ongoing war on terrorism in Yemen, explosive situation in Iran, Burning issue of Palestine and last but not least the going power turf in Syria”, the powder keg of Asia has enough explosive to destabilize whole world.

Situation is dire, fire is slowly engulfing whole region but there is no solution in sight. If only we could learn from history, we would have known that power struggle only results in disintegration. Austria-Hungry was disintegrated and Germany lost all its territory after World War I.

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